About Mor Langermann

Mor Langermann is a financial and business consulting firm, specializing in investment banking. The company accompanies the entrepreneur, owner or CEO throughout the decision-making process and its implementation, in the areas of financing and raising capital, both in Israel and abroad.
The company operates in the equity markets and in the debt and mezzanine markets for the business sector, with extensive activities in the fields of real estate, life science & technology.

The company was founded in 2015 by Eti Langermann & Ori Mor. With over 20 years of experience in the capital markets, banking and financing complex transactions, the founding partners and are deeply acquainted with institutional and private investors, banks & other industry sources.
Mor Langermann specializes in investment banking, providing financial advisory services to the government and to institutional & private entities.
The company has a professional and experienced team with combined capital, private and public debt capabilities, which allows each client to receive a financial plan tailored to his unique needs and characteristics.



Mor Langermann provides a tailored made solution for companies and entrepreneurs, covering the entire spectrum of the client’s financing needs, including: debt raising, money management, capital issuance, financial valuation, business plan and more. Eti Langermann and Ori Mor personally accompany each and every client, throughout the entire process, from start to finish. The initial stage includes the construction of the appropriate financial strategy – choosing the type of financing suitable to the company’s unique parameters (debt, capital, mezzanine, collaborations) and preparing an investor presentation.
The next stage includes focusing on finding the optimal financing sources in Israel and abroad, including both banking and non-banking sources, under the best conditions for the client.
The joint work includes accompanying the projects until reaching the money realization stage.
In addition to this activity, Mor Langermann provides risk management services, project control, financial valuations, accompaniment to start-ups and M&As.

The Professional Team


Ori Mor

Founding Partner

Eti Langermann

Founding Partner

Adi Sharoni

Head of Real Estate Division

Adi holds a bachelor’s degree in law and business administration and has more than 10 years of professional experience in the business and commercial management of income-producing assets in Israel & Europe, marketing and business development.

Nofar Mark

Senior Analyst

Nofar is a leading Analyst in the life science & technology sectors, with 13 years of exprience in the stock market, in insitutional entities such as Halman Aldubi Investment House & Peilim Investment Portfolio Management.

Idit Hakim

Office Manager